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Video Production:

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A variety of Video Production capabilities are available from commercial production to training videos to corporate videos, depending on your unique needs.

Oliver Communications has a wide range of specialist at their disposal from Hollywood Film producers with Academy Award winning film credentials to the highest level of capabilities for corporate and training videos as well.

Depending on your budget and needs Oliver Communications can accomplish any of your film and video needs.

Click here or on the image above for a larger version of the image and to view an interactive pdf with videos.

Please view samples of various video through the following the enclosed interactive pdf and internet links.

If adobe acrobat or quicktime is required it is a free download through Adobe's site at www.adobe.com.

For corporate and commercial production please review

Alamo Placita Group (APG) production by Bill Nelson and Ian Keldin who specialize in documentary production for both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. A Columbia University Journalism School graduate, Bill began his career in book and magazine publishing, which honed his interviewing and storytelling skills now on display in APG work. Bill has written or edited more than 10 business-building books and hundreds of magazine articles of national interest.

Ian, after a stint at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Film Program, finished up at CU Boulder under the tutelage of Jerry Aronson, who was nominated for an Academy Award in the short documentary category. Ian went on to co-edit Aronson's The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg and, later, won the prestigious Princess Grace Award for short student filmmaking. In 1993 he joined forces with South Park creator Trey Parker to produce Cannibal: The Musical, released worldwide by Troma Team Video in 1996.

As collaborators, Bill and Ian have produced more than 100 short form documentaries for clients ranging from The Coca-Cola Company, Tyson Foods and Holiday Inn to The National Stroke Association, Hospice of Metro Denver, Girl Scouts of America, Advocates for Children, Montessori International, and many other charitable organizations. A sample group video productions can be viewed at the following link.


Please inquire about your special needs.

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