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Are some of the means we use to evaluate problems and opportunities as well as media and marketing. Some of unique systems for evaluating this are:

Brand Development Index… Which is a comparative market-by-market measure of a brand's sales performance.

Category Development Index… Which is a comparative market-by-market measure of a market's total sales (all brands).

Parity Standards... Increased audience opportunities provide the advertiser with a means to maximize audience delivery. At Mega Media, we consider different media scenarios in our modeling to maximize value, either stated as a reach or frequency objective. The optimum approach to planning a media campaign is to set Parity Standards™, which allows us to compare various mediums and markets on a like-cost basis. From the Parity Standard, we utilize this model as a guideline for negotiation, and to project effectiveness prior to the campaign.

Mega Medias Parity Standard™ is a powerful tool, allowing us to negotiate rates, and make value judgments during negotiations to obtain the lowest rates relative to value. This model has allowed us to secure rates up to 40% less than market value.

Parity Standards and Value Per Impression Model vs. CPP…Most agencies utilize the CPP or a third party method for evaluating market media costs. The problem is that the CPP method factors in forces of supply and demand, which can be a fallacy. In addition, when third parties gather its research, the media managers artificially inflate their CPPs to keep rates up. As a result, agencies are working with inflated rates and CPPs.

The only true method of determining the real value of a medium in any market is to utilize a Parity Standard model. This method utilizes a common standard, CPM that compares relative value to all other mediums in all other markets. Although supply and demand forces sometimes enter into negotiations, they may not if media is bought in advance and negotiated properly.

From the Parity Standard model, we are able to increase audience opportunities with a better chance of maximize sales volume. If all things are equal in terms of media cost relative to the market, ultimately we are able to see what the real value of that media was versus market forces.

The Parity Standard™ and Value Per Impression™ approach to negotiation is proprietary and a revolutionary media tool exclusive to Mega Media.

Task-Objective Budget Strategy… A better budget strategy.


1. To determine the amount and type of advertising needed to accomplish sales goals within budget parameters.

2. By inter-media comparison track sales generated by past advertising after converting various media to a common denominator. (Most media have different measurements; it is our task to convert them to a like basis for comparison purposes.)

{The process places a value on the actual audience that purchased the marketers product. The evaluation determines future goals needed to accomplish sales, which in turn allows for more rigid guidelines for negotiating the price of media. The Task-Objective system utilized by Mega Media allows for a more rational approach to managing media efficiency, which in turn helps to exceed sales objectives.}


  • Measure a dollar return on investment.
  • Measure the value of an advertising impression {Revenue versus Sales}
  • Determine audience goals within budget parameters. Necessary GRP's and
  • Impressions
  • Negotiate more efficient rates, which yield a goal of higher return on investment.
  • Realize through post-analysis if media objectives reach sales goals.
  • Secure make up weight when necessary to compensate for under delivery
  • Build a media model to convert all media to impressions delivered to look at an
  • actual value per impression.

Using Parity Standards to Evaluate Impression Value and ROI

We at Mega Media have created a methodology of evaluating and buying media that is unique, insightful, and we think, revolutionary. This methodology has been developed over years of understanding media from the inside, and developing this Value Per Impression™ model over years of generating ROI for clients.

Media Calculations utilized to measure ROI:

  • Sales Revenue
  • Media Budget
  • Media Selected
  • Programs chosen (Propensity to Consume index)
  • Media CPP and CPM
  • Market Effective Buying Income
  • Rate of Diminishing Return
  • Audience Impressions
  • Value Per Impression
  • Sales Yield per Media Dollar Spent



Depending on the impression value we can quantify that a media buy based on specific formats and programs and ROI.

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