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That’s what everyone wants! Let’s face it results is where the rubber meets the road. Regardless of anything else, the bottom line is Return On Investment (ROI).

At Oliver Communications and Mega Media, the mainstay of our business has always been in achieving results.

To achieve those results requires a thorough understanding of challenges and opportunities and the means to skillfully manipulate them.

Too often, there is a perceptual thought that based on a size of a company, number of employees, awards, perceived buying power etc, that many companies are superiorly equipped to obtain results.

That could not be further from the truth. Too often, companies are just too busy, too complacent, or too comfortable to make any changes for what they understand. There is a new, innovative and results oriented process that is exclusive to Oliver Communications and Mega Media and believe we can adequately demonstrate a more tangible way to increase sales!

  1. To that end, I make a couple challenges, and the good news is you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Ultimate knowledge requires that we do a thorough and painstaking post analysis of your current marketing, media, advertising and communications plan.

    a. Past Audience Delivery
    b. Media Expenditures
    c. Sales
    d. Media Efficiency/CPM

  2. Media Quiz, Oliver Communications and Mega Media has developed a simple media quiz that on the spur of the moment a superior media professional should be able to navigate. If not I question their ability to achieve the kind of results your organization requires.

During a two-year period for one client we increased sales +100%. Astounding -Yes! Revolutionary-Yes! Proprietary-Yes!

This web site will demonstrate to you the “Point of Difference” we offer with every unique communications solution we provide.

Please navigate the various sections in our web site, and please email or call with any questions. Thank you for your consideration in advance.

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