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Point of Difference...

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Welcome to Oliver Communications, the most dynamic group of media solutions on the planet today. Our mission is to offer the finest and broadest amount of communication services ever assembled in one place. I have always believed if we don't have a "Point of Difference" from our competition, why use us?

With that in mind, our philosophy has always been predicated on a definable Point of Difference!

The mainstay of our first business "MEGA MEDIA" was founded on superior media buying. Since that philosophy 20 years ago we have carried that through with every element of superior communications solutions continuing with media buying through video production, pdf express and every other service highlighted on our web site.

Oliver Communications has always created proprietary and revolutionary systems that in some cases have been replicated but never duplicated. For example 20 years ago we were the creators of media post-analysis and under delivery make-up weight in television.

Today's proprietary systems are:

  1. Parity Standards™
  2. Value per Impression™
  3. Advertising Dayplanner™
  4. Media Quiz™
  5. Media Management System™
  6. Psychographic Profiles™ that allow us to negotiate media more effectively than
  7. anyone in the country.

We have specific examples on-line here where we:

  • Increased sales +$9 million
  • Increased audience reach +60%

During a two year period for one client we increased sales +100%.

Astounding -Yes! Revolutionary-Yes! Proprietary-Yes!

This web site will demonstrate to you the "Point of Difference" we offer with every unique communications solution we provide.

Please navigate the various sections in our web site, and please email or call with any questions. Thank you for your consideration in advance.

Dan Oliver



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