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Miscellaneous Media:

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Is a section that you can download various information on how to organize your company for the best success possible.

Information included here is:

How to Create Advertising That Gets Results
Is a thumbnail to the elements needed to understanding the process to creating a program to ultimately getting the results needed as well as the details of understanding what's realistic in the advertising campaign.

Make Your Sales Promotion More Profitable
Is a document to assist you in understanding the best elements of Sales Promotion, elements may include sampling, coupon, a value of at least 1/3 value of the product. Other elements may be Trade Coupons, Price-Offs, Refund Offers, Rebates, Contests and Sweepstakes, Premiums, etc.

How to Launch New Products
Is an overview on the necessary elements needed for successful launch of a new product or service, elements include, the product itself, the packaging, the name, direct response, pricing, advertising and a "BIG IDEA"!

Vendor Supported Advertising
Is an organized way of periodically securing special promotional allowances from a retailers key vendors. Steps include: 1. Qualifying the Retailer, 2. Dates and Themes, 3.The Vendors, 4. The Promotional Package and 5. Production.




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