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Evaluating Various Media:

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Evaluating Various Media

Twenty years ago, I invented the systems for Posting Broadcast Schedules, negotiating under delivery and setting parity standards for media and markets.

Today, that information is still as valuable as it once was and Mega Media still leads the way in innovation and proprietary systems in negotiating media with its revolutionary system Parity Standards, Inter-Media Comparison and Value Per Impression.

Twenty years ago we created inter-media comparison and it became the springboard for Parity Standards and Return on Investment/Value Per Impression.

Parity Standards allow us to buy most markets as much as 60% better than SQUADS antiquated method for comparing market costs.

Parity Standards allow for consistent value from one medium to the next as well as markets that vary wildly in size.

Enclosed are some comparisons of how we compare media on a like basis to make decisions and utilize the information to negotiate the best rates possible.

Please click on the thumbnail to see a larger sample and again to download the corresponding PDF.

Enclosed here are:
Managing and Evaluating Cable
Managing and Evaluating Broadcast TV
Managing and Evaluating Newspapers
Managing and Evaluating Radio
Pros and Cons of Various Media





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